Unlock pdf with Ghostscript & GSView in Windows


  1. Download ghostscript here: https://ghostscript.com/download/gsdnld.html. Donwload the AGPL release.
  2. Download gsview here: http://www.gsview.com/
  3. Install ghostscript first, and the gsview.
  4. Open Gsview. Open with Gsview the pdf file you want to unlock.
  5. Go to File/Advanced Conversions.
  6. In devices select ‘pdfwrite’.
  7. Select the pages you want to unlock. For the whole pdf select ‘all pages’
  8. In MuPDF resolution I wrote 600. But maybe you don’t need to feel that field.
  9. Click ‘convert’. Put the name and extension of the new file (you have to add the .pdf extension).
  10. White a moment. It took a minute to convert a 44 Mb file.
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