Shared folder in Windows 8.1

When I shared a folder in Windows 8.1 between two users in que same computer I had a issue:

– User1 share folder1 in C:\Users\User1\Documents\upfolder\otherfolder\folder1 with User2

– After that, User2 could navigate in folders ‘upfolder’ and ‘otherfolder’. User2 hasn’t permission to access all the files in ‘otherfolder’, but user2 could see the name of all the folders inside ‘upfolder’ and ‘otherfolder’, what I dislike very much.

With mouse in a folder, right click, and share with… I always had this problem.

I solved it using ‘advanced sharing settings’. How I did it?

1. Go to the folder I want to share.

2. Right click

3. Properties.

4. Share.

5. Advanced sharing settings.

6. Activate share this folder.

7. Permissions.

8. Add.

9. Advanced options.

10. Search now.

11. Select the user you want to share the folder with.

12. Ok, Ok.

13. Change permissions if you with.

14. Ok, Ok.

15. In the windows ‘properties’ of the folder you want to share go to ‘security’

16. Edit permissions to allow User2 to read, or write if you wish, the folder.

17. Done

User2 will see a shared resource. Shared resources only appear when computer is connecter to private networks, not public networks

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