Kino. Import MiniDV in linux.

Kino is a software to import and edit DV video from digital cameras like Sony Handycam DRC-TRV33E.

To import the video the put the videocamera in VCR mode and connect it to the firewire port. If your computer hasn’t firewire port you can buy a PCI or express card with a firewire port.
In the Ubuntu repositories you can find a interesting program, called gscanbus. When you execute gscanbus as root you can see from it the devices connected by firewire and operate the camera from this sofware.
To import the video you must use Kino. Execute Kino as root. In this way Kino would be able to detect the camera connected by firewire.
In Kino go to Edit/Preferences/Capture. Select DV AVI Type 1 instead of Raw DV. In this way you’ll get avi files with sound. You’ll be able to reproduce this files with software like vlc or probably a normal media player.
To copy the video in the camera to the computer, exit from preferences and press the “capture” tab in kino. Then press the “capture” button.
You’ll get very big files (about 14 GB / hour). To resize the files I recommend to use arista transcoder:
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