Printer Server Connection N&C LPU2.0

The default IP of this Printer Server is You can change it entering in the setup. (User:admin; password 1234).

Once the IP is configured, to connect with it:
– In Ubuntu: Add printer. Add net printer. Add team or printer LPD/LPR. Team: IP address of the printer. Queue: lpt1.
– In Windows: Add local printer. Add New Port. Add Standard TCP/IP Port. Write the Printer IP Adress (without ‘http://’). Then Personalize, Customize and choose RAW Protocol. Press next and finish.
– In Mac: Add printer. Select ‘IP’. Protocol: LPD. Address: Printer IP address. Queue: lpt1. Print with: select printer (select the correct driver). Yo can install the driver previously, if it isn’t pre-installed in your OSX
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