– Download Videos, Playlists and Channels from youtube since terminal.

1) Download youtube-dl from here.(NOTE: some browsers may open it as a text file, in that case ‘right-click’ and ‘save link as’ “”)
2) Open cmd/terminal and ‘cd’ into the directory where you downloaded
3) type :
$python “<link>”
wasn’t that quite easy?! well youtube-dl has much more than this…
    -> python – -playlist-start 1 – -playlist-end 5 “<playlist url>” | This will download only first 5 videos of the playlist
    -> python -F  “<url>” | This will show all the available downloadable formats
    -> python -f xx  “<url>” | This will download the format specified. Here, xx is a 2 digit code corresponding to each format.
    -> python  – -match-title  <pattern>  “<channel/playlist url>” | will download only those videos having <pattern> in their titles
    -> python  -h | will display help about all other options available
    -> python  -U | This will update youtube-dl to the latest version. Updating youtube-dl is MOST IMPORTANT and you MUST do it regularly.
NOTE: If you are on any famous Linux Distro, you must be having youtube-dl in you repository.
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