SSHDroid, linux and rsync

SSHDroid: Install software and start it. Then since nautilus (ubuntu) go to Ir/Lugar (Ctrl+L) and put the direcction that appears in sshdroid (example: sftp://root@ Then you may put the password, that is “admin” (you can change it since options in sshdroid)


1. Get th file to install rsyn in android:


2. Unzip this file and copy to a specific folder in android:

zcat rsync-3.0.6-arm-softfloat-linux-gnueabi.gz > rsync

scp -P 2222 rsync root@ (you should change the ip adress)

3. Change permissions in file copied. It’s possible with Filezilla. Change to 755. Propietary: Read,Write,Ejecute. Group: ony Read and Ejecute. Public: only Read and Ejecute

4. You can use grsync to sync. Indicate: Source, destine, mantain the date, give us information, and show transfer verbose. In aditional options:

-e ‘ssh -p 2222’

The same since command line (example):

rsync -r -t -v –progress -s -e ssh -p 2222 root@ /home/atareao/Desktop/sincron

It didn’t worked, I don’t know why. I did it with grsync

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5 Responses to SSHDroid, linux and rsync

  1. Scott Carlson says:

    I was able to follow the directions and get it working from my desktop with two caveats.
    1. I have to have an sftp session connected.
    2. I have to give the rsync path option to rsync
    rsync –rsync-path=/data/data/ -avP phone:sometime .

  2. Roger says:

    It’s been a while since this post, so probably you’ve found a solution. I’ve got it working thanks to your post here. I start sshdroid, login to the phone using ssh. I downloaded rsync and unpacked it. Then I start rsync from the phone to my computer which of course has open-ssh running.

  3. Jaap Halo says:

    Did you also try Servers Ultimate from Play? It also has an SSH Server that doesn’t require root and also has a built-in rsync server that doesn’t require root 🙂

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