Insert video and audio in cinelerra.

– Convert video to .mpeg. .mp4 and .mov work also, but it’s better mpeg. Use this command:

ffmpeg -i inputvideo.avi -r 30 -ar 44100 -sameq -ab 128k outputvideo.mpg

I think it works with all video formats

– Convert audio to .mp2. mp3 usually works, but sometimes not. I do that with traGtor, the software to convert video an audio files. In audiosettings forcecodec= [none], and in target choose .mp2. I also used .ogg format in ubuntu studio with dream studio installed

– March 2013: Convert video to h.264 with arista transcoder and cinelerra can use it, but can’t use the audio. For the audio: convert separately to mp3 or ogg and import separately.

– August 2013: I discover that cinelerra works with raw dv, imported from a minidv camera with kino.

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